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Villagio San Marcos | Spring is here!

Springtime is here and that means --- spring cleaning! Here are a couple tips to help make your apartment feel fresh and clean!

  • Declutter. Get rid of anything you don't need! Go through old clothes, organize schoolwork, clear out your storage.
  • Give your floors a fresh clean. Sweep and mop to give your whole apartment that fresh spring clean smell!
  • Empty out your fridge and pantry. Throw out all expired food and give your shelves a deep clean!
  • Clean up your sinks. Scrub all faucets to get rid of hard water stains and wipe out the sinks!
  • Dust!!! Dust can affect allergies, especially as spring time comes. Dust your fans, the surfaces of your furniture, and on top of appliances. 
  • Washing all sheets and linens will bring that fresh spring clean smell to your apartment.
  • Go out and shop for a new spring themed door mat. Coming home to a fun doormat to greet you can brighten up your day!

We hope you have a wonderful start to your spring season and don't forget to follow all of our Villagio social pages to keep up with our spring events and specials!